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Kevin Bryan is a Director of Photography with over 25 years experience in the film and broadcast business.  Kevin was trained more by experience than formal education, although he did receive Motion Picture training at the Maine Media Workshops and from the Nat’l Press Photographers Workshop in Oklahoma.  Kevin is experienced in every facet of the filmmaking process and is involved in every step of production from pre-pro, to shooting, and through post production.  And now he works with  practically every digital camera format – Arri, RED, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, and more.

He gained his early experience doing documentaries and mission videos around the world, having shot in over 35 countries.  This gave him immense experience at being a technical problem solver.  As an early adopter of HD and digital technology, he helped create the first locally made HD commercial to be broadcast in the Louisville, KY market and went on to shoot one of the first Arri digital productions in the US with 3 Arri D-20s (the granddaddy of the Arri Alexa). 

Kevin works in multiple genres - commercials, promos, narrative, documentary, and feature length films.

He has been the Cinematographer on 4 feature length films and a host of episodic dramas for television.  He has also been Camera Operator and Drone Op for numerous other feature films.

Kevin has shot traditional spots and promos for agencies working with GE, Lexus, Cessna, Toyota, Sealy, A&W, NBC, Hallmark, Valvoline, University of Kentucky, Papa Johns, A&E Network, UofL, and many more.

In addition to domestic work, he also works on international productions with crews from around the world.  His projects have taken him to the Great Wall of China, the crowded streets of India, the beaches of Sri Lanka, almost every country in Europe, the desserts of the southern Sahara, the coffee fields of Honduras, the swollen rivers of the Amazon, and many more places, but he always enjoys returning home to his family in Kentucky. 

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