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Multi-track audio files:• Create a music playlist on the fly, using the 3 sources:○ Audio files○ Online stream○ Entire track• Blend music automatically• Super easy: select a song, and record it as many times as you want with millisecond precision• Mix with the following tools:• Tempo/Pitch/Brightness/Contrast adjustment• Normalize (0–100)• Equalizer• Audio fade in/fade out• Reverb• White and Black room• Loudness• Normalize (0–100)• Mono or Stereo• Waveform○ Audio files• File list of the audio files○ All audio files (Including Main song, Sub song, Under song, Hit song, Autotune, Carrying and etc.)• Export audio to other format (WAV, MP3, AIFF, AAC)• Rename audio file• Move audio file to another folder• Copy audio file to a directory• Generate a random audio file• Make audio files loop continuously• Mark the audio as mute○ Online stream• The playlist is updated after a new stream comes in• When streaming a file with better bitrate, the quality of others will be downgraded automatically○ Entire track• Extract music from a video and save it to an audio file of MP3 format○ It supports the following video sources:• MOV, WMV, AVI, ASF, RM, MPG, MPEG and VOB○ The following video formats can be converted to MP3 format:• MP3○ MP3 VBR○ MP3 CBR○ MP3 CBR with variable bitrate○ MP3 VBR with variable bitrate○ MP3 VBR with variable bitrate○ MP3 CBR without variable bitrate○ MP3 CBR with variable bitrate○ MP3 VBR without variable bitrate○ MP3 VBR without variable bitrate○ Converted audio/video with overall 'good quality'• Transcoding in real time or offline (not recommended)• Convert VOB files to MP3• Convert MOV files to MP3• Remove AAC/AAC Plus/eAAC+/DTS/DTS 08929e5ed8

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