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11   /   01   /   2016



BLoFISH Clothing Co. is the world's first gender neutral clothing company. The core of the brand is that we are all the same. This was the first commercial the brand had ever made, so it was vital that it communicated the company's values in a compelling way. It wasn't about selling T-shirts or getting the perfect product shot. It was about showing real people in life's challenges, monotony, and joys. At our core as humans, we are all the same, and that is what BLoFISH is all about


Directors: Zach Meiners, David Pendras
Production Company: Chronicle Cinema
Written by: David Pendras
Director of Photography: John Matysiak
Produced by: Zach Meiners

Original Music by: BJ Davis
1st AC: Colin Noel
Makeup: Matt Goodlett 
Gaffer: Matt Ware
Key Grip: George Nathan Noe
Production Assistants: Tabitha Meade, Jenna Wismer
Special Thanks: CrossFit Covalence, GarageBar, Meiners Electric, Buzz Advertising, DBv Rentals, George Nathan Noe, John Matysiak

Tech Specs: Alexa Mini, Cooke Anamorphic
Copyright 2016 by Chronicle Cinema, All Rights Reserved

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