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10   /   10   /   2016



Zig Zag is an international brand with a rich history spanning nearly 150 years. We tasked with creating an exciting social media ad for Zig Zag highlighting their Slow Burn Cigar Wraps. Capturing the essence of the brand and the lifestyle that surrounds the brand.



Creative Agency: Oohology

Creative Director: Brad Luttrell

Producers: Zach Meiners, David Pendras

Director: Sam Windell

Skater #1: Geran Thur

Skater #2: Jalen Kelly

Voiceover: John Kubin

Camera Operator: Zach Erwin

Gaffer: Matt Ware

Key Grip: George Nathan Noe

Swing: Daniel Williamson

Editor/ Colorist: Zach Meiners

1st AC: Aaron Holmes

Audio: Rick Boone

Set PA: Ryan Davis

Security: Bill Louis

Visual Effects: Magnetic Dreams

Filmed in Louisville, KY

Camera/ Lensing: RED Weapon, Lomo Anamorphic Lenses

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