Tick, tock. You stare move your cursor over to your e-mail. Refresh. Nothing. You down at your phone, mindlessly going through Facebook. Tick, tock. Not even a minute has gone by. You can hear your boss approaching in the distance. "Please don't walk this way," you think to yourself as you pray for the last 9 minutes and 32 seconds of your work-week to end.

Unfortunately, for many people, this plight is all too familiar. Rather than their job being something that challenges you towards growth and success, it mindlessly numbs you into a dull existence 40 hours a week. That is why it was so exciting for us to partner with Black Diamond, who seeks to flip the average job experience on its head.

Black Diamond CEO, Keith Duncan Jr, challenged our team to come up with a script that would target young people and catch the eye of someone who felt stuck in their job. That led us to create the character of Derek. Someone far too many people can relate with. We watch him comedically struggle with his day to day menial tasks and struggles with bad management.

It all starts with the scripts and storyboards. We use these as a gauge with the client, and eliminates any guess work on the part of our clients. We then make sure that everything is outlined and correctly budgeted for in our proposal. Once everyone agrees on the terms, we start filming.

While this may seem like a tedious process, it gives our clients peace of mind on set since all expectations have been clearly set.

We then hire the crew. The cool thing about Chronicle, is we have a network of freelancers, so we find the right people to work on your project. We get the best team together, even if that means bringing someone in from out of state to make your project the best it can be.